Full Price List

SALON 58 Full Pricing List

£34Shampoo Cut & Blow Dry
£22Shampoo & Cut
£20Dry Cut
£42Shampoo Restyle & Blowdry
£30Shampoo Cut & Set
from £10Mens + Childrens Cuts
£10Deep Conditioning Treatment
£50Colour Regrowth
£60Full head of colour
£40Semi Colour
from £60Highlights/Lowlights with cap
from £90Foils, full head
from £70

Foils, half head

from £55

Foils T-section

from £110

Colour and Slices

£16Additional cutting
  • Please note a skin test is required prior to any colour service this only takes a few minutes but needs to be done no less than 48hrs before your colour.
Perming (including cut and finish)
£59Curl It (Wella)
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Senior Citizen Prices (Tuesdays only)

Students (Tuesdays only)

£20Shampoo + Blowdry
£18Shampoo + Set 
£20Shampoo + Cut
£18Dry Cut

Shampoo, Cut  + Set

£31Shampoo, Cut + Blowdry
from £40Shampoo, Restyle + Finish
£62Ondosoft Perm
£56Curl It Perm (Wella)
  • We are able to offer wedding/special occasion packages tailored for your needs contact the salon for more information.
  • We can advise you on many products that can help you with your hair care after you leave the salon .
Beauty Treatments
£8Cut Hand or Toe Nails
£24Express Manicure (shape, cuticle, tidy, shape)
£32Standard Manicure (shape, cuticle, tidy, exfoliation, massage, paint)
£25Express Pedicure (shape, cuticle, tidy, paint)
£33Standard Pedicure (shape, cuticle, tidy, exfoliation, massage and paint)
£18File and Varnish (shaping of nails, choice of varnish)
£20French Polish (includes shaping of nails)
£25Nail Extension Removal
£32Nail Extension Removal incl Express Manicure
£23Gel polish 
£5Gel Polish removal
£10Removal of gel polish, file and buff nails







£10Eye Brow Wax
£12Underarm Wax
from £15Arm
£8Lip Wax
£10Chin Wax
£25Full Leg Wax
£15Bikini Wax
£25Gents Back Wax
 £9Eyebrow Tint
 £13Eyelash Tint
 £19Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint together
from £35Cleanse & Makeup
from £15Eyelash enhancement - false cluster or strip lashes are used to enhance the eye idea for that special occasion

Hopi ear candles - Ear candles have a purely physical function. A light suction action (chimney affect ) draws out ear wax and the movement of the flame creates a vibration of air in the ear canal , generating a massage like effect on the eardrum and releasing toxins held in the inner ear.  Ear candling has many benefits, including improved hearing, positive effects on the nose and throat, can help with congestion, headaches and can relieve some common ear problems